Memoirs of a Hotelier – How all businesses would benefit from Commercial Keyholding!

Many moons ago in my younger years, my first step into Senior Management was as General Manager of a medium sized lock up hotel, specialising in weddings…to this date, the most enjoyable role I have held!

The satisfaction of preparing all week, then flawlessly delivering to the Bride & Groom, the magic that you promised them the first day they walked into your venue was second to none.  A level of job satisfaction only sweetened by the team on duty given a standing ovation on conclusion of the formalities, or on many occasions a formal thank you in the speeches!

Days were long and demanding, but the wedding season was an enjoyable one for a young man with ambition in his heart (and back then, a lot more hair on the head).   Smiles and a great buzz all summer long Friday, Saturday and Sunday, week in and week out!… That was until a small mid-season spate of alarm calls interrupted my much needed 6 hours a night before I was needed back on site for someone’s special day.

Thankfully all of the situations I was called out to investigate were false alarms, however the effects on my ability to perform to my best the next day were very real.  My zest was gone! My larger than life hosting character was deflated,and days just didn’t seem as magical if I had not been called back to site on account temperamental security system!

Prior to this rude awakening into the world of keyholding, these situations had never even crossed my mind!  As business leaders we invest massive amounts of time and financial resources into training and developing our teams so they can deliver operational excellence, however I wonder what productivity is wasted by appointed keyholders being awoken in the night by alarm activations.  What deals are not  sealed the next day through tiredness of an individual, and in my case why the most magical day of someone’s life in my mind “could have been better”!

The costs of the above are all consequences of “false alarms”…After serving 20 years in hospitality management some of the more serious stories that I have heard, where employees have attended a confirmed burglary, have been, in many cases life changing for those involved, and costly for the companies who didn’t have their ducks in a row!

You and your people are your most valuable asset!  Lesson learned at an early age, I implore you, for less than £1 a day, pass that responsibility onto a commercial contract and keep your team safe and performing fantastically in the job you trained them so well to do!

Until next time, stay secure!..


Business Development Manager

T3 Security