Retail Security

Providing a safe environment for your customers!

T3 Security Services

A safe environment for the people most important to your brand – your customers. Our service-led, reliable retail security guarding in Newcastle ensures staff and customers can enjoy a safe, enjoyable experience.

Affordable Security Solutions

The Experts in retail security

With years of experience providing security solutions to high end, luxury retailers and high street brands, we understand, more than most, the challenges retailers face. Our retail security officers deliver discreet or high profile protection for your unique requirements, safeguarding you and your company from shoplifting, robbery, burglary, walk in thefts and thefts by employees.

  • A visible deterrant to reduce crime & maintain your profit
  • Provides a safe environment for your customers
  • Operatives are highly trained in all aspects of retail security
  • High profile or discreet operatives
We are the best in the security industry
You only know your security is good, when nothing bad happens!