Keyholding & Alarm Response

Around the clock security

T3 Keyholding & Alarm Response

The simplest and surest way to fulfil your out of hours security. Ensure neither you or your staff are ever placed in harm’s way…All for less than £1 a day!

Your time is valuable

Leave work at work!

Depend on our out of hours keyholding and alarm response to maintain security whilst fulfilling your insurance requirements, maintaining positive police relationships and most importantly keeping you and your employees out of harm’s way.

  • Alarm activations attended by mobile patrol units.
  • All patrol unit staff conforming to BS7858.
  • No need to attend a potentially dangerous situation ever again!
  • Guaranteed fulfilment of your insurance requirements.
  • No sick days or lost productivity caused by false alarms.
  • Keyholding covered for days off, holiday periods & personnel changes.
  • Provides you with total peace of mind when you leave your business.
Newcastle keyholding & alarm response
You only know your security is good, when nothing bad happens!