Hotel Security

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T3 Security Services

Whether you are a high end or budget hotel, the security of your property, its staff and your guests is important. Make your hotel safe and secure around the clock with our security solutions.

Setting new standards

Hotel Security Specialists

Both business and recreational guests expect safe accommodation, but how can you strike the right balance between providing a secure environment and setting the right tone for your hotel? Our hotel security services in the North East ensure guests receive warm welcomes every time with a customer-friendly, professional approach that protects your people, property and reputation.

  • To welcome and protect
  • Ensure the safety and security of staff and guests
  • Customer service orientated Security officers
  • Working seamlessly along side your team
  • Provide a high profile & personal approach
  • Floor & room patrols
We are the best in the security industry
You only know your security is good, when nothing bad happens!