About Us

We Are T3 Security

Serious About Security

Formed in 2008 T3 Security have grown to become one of the UK’s leading security companies. We provide security services to clients both locally and nationally and our growing portfolio is evidence of our ongoing success.

Service Sectors

Door Supervision; Pubs, Clubs, Private Functions.

Event Security

Security & Stewards for Crowd Control and safety.

Retail Security

Store Detectives, Visible Deterrents, Electronic Security.

Bespoke Services

Cash Movements, Personal Protection, Chaperone Services, Community Patrols.

Our ethos is simple...

Keeping your clients
& your venue safe

Our professional attitude, dedicated staff and excellent communication channels provide all of our clients with the knowledge and peace of mind that their venue’s security is in the best possible hands.

We are a modern, forward thinking company and as well as providing traditional security services such as security guards in Newcastle, we are also to provide advanced security measures including detection wands and bodycams.

We have a client portfolio ranges from independent venues, local & national establishments through to large corporate clients so if you feel like you’re not getting the best from your current security provider, contact us now for information on what T3 Security can offer you.

Working With Us

We Work with You

No two businesses are the same so rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we take the time to understand your exact requirements. This enables us to deliver a security package that meets your specific needs, which we monitor and review to ensure we are delivering an exceptional service. We will also provide you with information on how current legislation affects your business, offer advice on Legal, Health & Safety matters and take steps to respond to any local factors which may impact the smooth running of your business.


Being in business has never been easy but in today’s economic climate it is particularly difficult. As a result it is important to minimise any possible loss of revenue by establishing a robust and professional security plan. T3 Security are committed to providing a cost effective, high quality security services to all of our clients along with a free initial consultation, detailed security plan and full cost analysis. The old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is especially relevant when sourcing security solutions for your business and poor security is worse than no security.

Your Assurance

Our success is based on results and client recommendation. Taking care of your business IS our business and we are passionate about it. We are fully insured, have full staff training and assessment policies, have years of experience and are registered with all major certification bodies. We have regular meetings with Local Authority and Crime Prevention Officers, Pub Watch and Retail committees in order to keep abreast of current trends and offer credible input. We choose our staff carefully and have an excellent training program.

Health & Safety Policy

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Environmental Policy

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CSR Policy

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Equal Opportunities Policy

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We are the best in the security industry
You only know your security is good, when nothing bad happens!