Manned Security – Why Do I Need It?

The Need for Manned Security


In 2018/2019, the North East had the highest crime rate in England and Wales*.


In an ideal world, everyone would be fair and honest. But as a hardworking North East business owner, you will know that this is sadly not the case.


You need to protect something priceless – your reputation.


Damage to your property, or your customer’s property, damages your reputation.


A criminal can destroy in a heartbeat something you’ve built over many years.


What is your reputation worth to you in monetary terms? It’s hard to quantify, isn’t it?


If a customer trusts you and your business enough to spend their hard-earned money with you, you need to repay their trust by protecting them to the best of your ability.


Installing CCTV is not enough. Yes, CCTV can be effective, but only when paired with manned security or a response guard.


In short, electronic security is not a substitute for manned security. And many North East businesses are finding this out the hard way.


What is Manned Security?


The SIA (the security industry’s governing body) explain manned security in three ways:

  1. Guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation, against outbreaks of disorder or against damage;
  2. Guarding property against destruction or damage, against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained;
  3. Guarding one or more individuals against assault or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.”


Do You Need Manned Security?


The short answer? If you have anything worth protecting, then yes.

As an example, we help protect businesses in the following industries:

  • Bars, pubs and restaurants
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Corporate events
  • Event supervision
  • Car parks
  • Industrial sites
  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Offices


But we are not limited to any of the above. The world is changing and so are the needs of your business.


Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Manned Security:


1: Proper Protection


Our ethos is simple – keep you and your clients safe.

Manned security is a deterrent.


Would you rather invest in preventing a problem, or go through the hassle of trying to deal with the fallout? Who knows what that will even entail? Or if you or your customers will ever get your money back?

Some security companies charge you extra for things like:

  • Bodycams
  • Radios
  • Patrols


But these are things T3 class as a necessity, and so come at no extra cost to you.

2: We Deal With A Problem As It Happens

Instead of watching CCTV as someone damages and steals your property, hoping the police will get there in time, we’re there to do something about it.


3: Extra Value

Our customers use our manned security services to work in harmony with your everyday operations.

We don’t just fill a space with a body. We handpick our staff to suit the needs of your business.

Think of us as extended team members. Whilst keeping you safe, we can also be receptionists, gate controllers, meet and greet personnel and bag searchers.


Also, we can make sure you’re up to date with how current and new legislation affects your business. This also includes advice on legal and health and safety matters.

Contact us to tell us a bit about your business to find out how much extra value we can add, and money you can save.

4: Great First Impressions

As we’ve said before, standards start at the front door.

A friendly smile, some helpful advice, and a cheerful goodbye leave your customers feeling valued and appreciated.


This will encourage return business, which in turn means more sales for you.

5: We’ve Seen It All

You can turn to us in a crisis. We’ll be on hand to give first aid, speak with the emergency services or do whatever it is necessary to solve the problem and restore order.

It’s hard to plan for everything, but our experienced manned security have pretty much seen it all.

6: Peace of Mind

When it comes down to it, this is what you’re investing in.

What does peace of mind mean to you?

You outsource accounting, marketing, and cleaning to professionals. Make sure you’re outsourcing your security to professionals too.


Bad security is worse than no security


And when it comes to hiring manned security, you need a trusted, experienced company like T3.


Our clients include the likes of JD Wetherspoon, Intu Eldon Square, Crowne Plaza, Aspers, Apartment Group, and Fenwick to name a few.


Contact us now on 0191 284 4730 or and ask to speak to one of our team to arrange a time to discuss your needs in more detail and find out exactly how T3 manned security can add extra value to you and your business.




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